Ninja Tune - Formed by Jonathan More and computer programmer Matt Black (Coldcut) in '93. Information and music to listen to from hip hop, abstract downtempo, and deep ambience artists like London Funk Allstars, The Herbaliser, Funki Porcini, DJ Vadim, Up, Bustle and Out, Mr. Scruff, Kid Koala, Chocolate Weasel, and Mixmaster Morris.

Radio Garden By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places. From its very beginning, radio signals have crossed borders. Radio makers and listeners have imagined both connecting with distant cultures, as well as re-connecting with people from 'home' from thousands of miles away.
Radio Garden allows listeners to tune into live radio across the entire globe.

Inspirational People

Sargy Mann - became blind after getting cataracts 25 years ago but his determination to continue painting was so strong that he found a way - he explains some of the techniques in this short inspirational film. His paintings are sought after by oficionados willing to pay above $80,000.

Martin Gardner - "The Gardner way is to ignite your fascination so that you experience the pleasure of finding the answer yourself."

Issac Asimov - A hereto unpublished essay on creativity.

Witnesses - Incredible Stories from People Who Witnessed World Events.

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