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Find out about chillout and ambient music at Ambient Music Guide a brilliant site spawned from the efforts of Mike G. Listen here to Mike G's recent Cosmic Lounge

Anglo/Polish avant electronica - beamed direct from Warsaw. Atmospheric was brought to life in 2011. Smooth grooves and slinky rhythms are created using a mix of organic and electronic sounds - a blend of classic and modern synths, fluid bass, warm punchy vocals and saxophone. The band members have experience in many varied musical projects, and have worked together on this unique project since May 2011.

Eclectic musicalism have a never-ending persuit of the obscure. There are some very interesting tracks and artists, some accompanied by film, who you would not hear about if you stuck to the motorway. Musicalism take you by a different route where you have time, more time.

check out Laidback at Mixcloud. This link to Music Is My Sanctuary #59 is a two hour mix with a big leaning to soul, funk, electronic and house. They feature urban and that includes everything from Soul, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Beats, Disco and Latin music to Hip Hop and much more.


  • Mysteria - Tribal Instincts album

  • Gilbert Gabriel - Lotus album, Piano album

  • Steve Lambert

  • Indian music - Kamalbir Nandra

  • Estonian Female Voices

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